Case Study

OnAsset × Locance

OnAsset selected Locance to help solve their location issues.

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OnAsset were unable to track shipments using only GPS when satellite signals became unreliable or blocked during serious weather events or physical obstructions.


Locance’s Global Site ID (GSID) provides location without using GPS signals regardless of environment or situation.

Download Full case study to learn more about how Locance helped ONASSET solve ITS SHIPMENT tracking issues.

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Learn More about GSID

Our GSID status Monitoring Solutions can enable remote status updates on equipment, personnel, facilities, or assets, regardless of their location. Get real-time device location, regardless of GPS signal status in more than 200 countries.

  • Locate your wireless devices in 200+ countries
  • No app or software to install
  • Over 160 Million cell sites & 2 Billion Wi-Fi access points globally
  • No GPS needed
  • Optimize operations and support costs with instant location insights

Our clients are getting the results they want

“Locance’s GSID helps us provide location regardless of the conditions to which our device is exposed, thereby preserving our service quality even in the harshest environments.”

Adam Crossno