Gaming Geolocation Compliance

Mitigate Risk, Reduce Fraud and Streamline Geolocation Compliance for Gaming & Lottery

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Trusted by the top gaming and lottery operators to validate transactions and enhance the player experience.
Cloud-based Geolocation

Locance® is the leader in gaming geolocation compliance. Our technology helped launch mobile and iGaming in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. We offer a robust platform for geolocation, device profiling and compliance services delivered through a single easy-to-integrate API.

Industry Solutions

Locance Platform Streamlines Compliance

Geolocation for Gaming Compliance

Government mandates require that gaming companies verify that wagers are only placed from within approved boundaries prior to accepting bets. Locance offers geolocation compliance services for online and mobile gaming.

  • Verify Users are in Allowed Wagering Areas
  • Extend Wagering to Mobile and Desktop
  • On-site Transaction Verification
  • In-app Messaging Based on Location
  • Comply with Local Regulations
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Geolocation for Internet & Mobile Lottery

As the mobile lottery market grows, so does the need for geolocation compliance. Locance provides you with compliance insights to let customers enjoy your services on their own devices. With layer location intelligence, they can purchase lottery tickets on their phones, tablets, and laptops to increase your addressable market, add a level of convenience and maximize your revenue opportunities.

  • Validate Any Lottery Purchase
  • Comply with Regulatory Rules
  • Use Layered Location Intelligence
  • Ensure Compliance Thresholds are Met
  • Real-Time Verification Reports
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Cybersecurity & Anti-Fraud

Our advanced device identification technology uses multiple methods including device identification without the use of browser cookies — to expose a user's true intent hidden within the attributes of their own device. Locance Device Profiling investigates beyond browser attributes or spoofable IP addresses to detect more complex and suspicious activity including hidden proxies, VPNs, proper OS identification, and true point-of-origin.

  • Device Verification
  • Approve Transactions with Confidence
  • Digital Rights Management 
  • Fraud Prevention
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Locance services are integrated into top gaming and lottery platforms for geolocation compliance. Learn how Locance can help you meet regulatory mandates for geolocation compliance.

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