Launch Process

Last Updated November 7, 2022

Locance provides you with the tools required for successful launch, starting with access to the Locance Customer Portal. The portal enables you to learn and launch in as quickly as a few days but may vary according to your internal development cycles and time frames. A dedicated Customer Success Manager is assigned to guide your development and integration process. An overview of the general process is as follows:

1. On-Boarding

Portal Registration

  • Primary contact registration
  • Register and manage users and roles
  • Configure secure access through Server IP addresses
  • Obtain Client ID/Service ID credentials and account setup

Developer Tools and Portal Access

  • Review tutorials, resources, and developer tools
  • Access demos, best practices, and implementation guidelines
  • Begin learning and interacting with the API
  • Manage your account

Customer Success Coordination

  • Implementation kick-off meeting
  • Review use case requirements and launch timelines

2. Integration & Development

  • Review best practices for applicable use case
  • Define and provision compliance logic
  • Dedicated customer success guidance

3. Service Launch

  • Confirm integration complete
  • Review transaction logging and error case handling
  • Confirm compliance logic and messaging
  • Production credentials provisioned
  • Carrier SMS provisioning confirmed (if applicable)
  • Messaging campaigns approved (if applicable)

4. Post-Launch Operations Support

  • Performance and usage reporting
  • Implementation fine-tuning and optimization
  • Ongoing support