February 7, 2023

What are Lottery Courier Services or Lottery Agents?

Lottery Courier Services or Lottery Agents are 3rd party companies like Lotto.com, The Lotter, and JackPocket that are allowed by some states to purchase Lottery Tickets on behalf of their patrons. They handle the process of buying the tickets, collecting winnings, and ensuring that the winnings are sent to the right person.

Not all states allow such Lottery Courier Services or Lottery Agents to make ticket purchases.

How does a Lottery Courier Service Work?

All Lottery Courier Services are slightly different, and each Jurisdiction has its own set of regulations, but generally, they work like this: Lottery Courier Services or Lottery Agents purchase the tickets on behalf of their clients. Users will create an account directly with the 3rd party company, load up their account via online payments, and can place orders in any jurisdiction that their Courier Services operates within. The ticket orders are completed at a lottery retailer with the jurisdiction, and the ticket serial number is scanned and uploaded.

The Courier Service acts as an escrow, holding onto your ticket. Your Courier Service has an office and staff in the states they purchase lottery tickets in, so they are staying compliant with local laws. It is the responsibility of the Courier Service to verify age, location, and funds.

Some services are able to offer well-recognized lottery games like Mega Millions, Pick 6, and Powerball. Winners will be notified usually via the app, and in some cases, players will need to redeem their own lottery prizes in person.

How Do Online Lottery Services Verify location?

As mentioned above, Local and State laws apply to online Lottery Ticket sales. For a Lottery Courier Service to work, location validation becomes crucial. The provider will need to have a courier employee within that jurisdiction to make a purchase for a user who also must be located within the jurisdiction. Rigid Regulation accelerated the operator's need for reliable and seamless accountability.

How Does Locance help Lottery Courier Service Operators with Location Intelligence?

Locance services can be used by the Lotter Courier Service operators in 2 ways: confirming that the patron is within legal jurisdiction boundaries when placing their ticket order and to manage courier location for smarter routing & efficiency.

Locance technology verifies device location using multi-source location intelligence via a web services API platform.  This helps protect against exploitation techniques such as bots, account sharing, VPNs, Virtual Machine, Remote Desktops, and location spoofing.

Enter the New Jersey Lottery

In many respects, New Jersey was a pioneer in Online Gaming, Lottery, and Gambling. Read more about New Jersey's legislation shifts in the gaming industry in our blog post titled: New Jersey Gaming Compliance.

What States Allow you to buy Lottery Tickets Online?

The following states currently allow Online Lottery ticket purchases through a Lottery Courier Service:

  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Washington, D.C.
  • West Virginia

How does Locance's Platform enable Lottery Courier Services differently from the competition?

Locance enables state, national, and international compliance with a seamless gameplay experience. With no additional app installation, users won't notice our robust browser-based verification.

We allow our gaming operating customers to customize their implementation. There's no “one size fits all” with Jurisdiction and operation limitations.  But we also offer Best Practice implementation for customers who are ready to go “out of the box.” For Lottery Services that utilize an app, we can connect to your existing platform.

What does Locance's low friction implementation mean for Lottery Courier Services?

Our lightweight, low-cost integration gets your company running fasters with less technical resources needed at launch. Your users will not be hampered by account creation, plugins, or apps to get reliable browser or app-based location verification - which leaves more attention for gaming and purchases.

As laws and regulations change, Operators and Lottery Players are both clamoring for ways to play online, safely, and legally. Locance enables a better experience for both players and operators.

What are the benefits of Locance’s Platform for Gaming Operators?

As the mobile lottery market grows, so does the need for geolocation compliance. Locance provides operators with compliance insights to let their customers enjoy their services on their own devices. With layered location intelligence, they can purchase lottery tickets on their phones, tablets, and laptops. This increases the operator's addressable market, adds a level of convenience, and maximizes revenue opportunities.

  • Validate that lottery purchases on a mobile or internet-connected device that is within the correct state lines but outside of designated exclusion zones such as tribal lands.
  • Comply with regulatory rules for online and mobile lottery purchases
  • Layered location intelligence for flexible transaction verification business logic
  • Ensure compliance thresholds are met and exceeded with real-time verification reports

Using one service, get the location insights required for geolocation compliance - IP Intelligence, Browser or App-based Location, Device Profiling, Geofencing, and App-based insights. With Locance, verify transactions with the assurance that the patron is in the authorized area for the transaction to occur. Our privacy-protected opt-in process allows you to verify the location of a player when they log in or place an order only after they have allowed location to be shared by their browser. Choose the #1 source of device location verification for risk mitigation, fraud prevention, and gaming compliance.

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