IoT / M2M

Seamlessly locate your connected devices anywhere in the world via Global Site ID (GSID)

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Seamless Monitoring

Our platform allows businesses to locate their IoT and M2M devices globally even when they are deep indoors or inside containers without a GPS signal.

  • Locate your wireless devices in 200+ countries
  • No app or software to install
  • Over 160 Million cell sites & 2 Billion Wi-Fi access points globally
  • No GPS needed
  • Optimize operations and support costs with instant location insights

Industry Solutions

Locance Platform Streamlines Compliance

IoT / M2M

Device Tracking

M2M and Industrial IoT companies leverage our superior platform to track their connected devices to monitor valuable cargo, streamline field operations and gain situational awareness into their deployed assets across the globe.

Remote Monitoring

Our GSID status Monitoring Solutions can enable remote status updates on equipment, personnel, facilities, or assets, regardless of their location. Get real-time device location, regardless of GPS signal status in more than 200 countries.

Device Management

Our Geolocation Solutions allow tracking of your most operationally significant devices, without training, expensive installation, or app installs. Secure and monitor the status of your devices as frequently as you need. Eliminate theft and increase productivity.

Supply Chain Visibility

Logistics and Dispatch

Gain visibility and insight into driver activities, dispatch assignments, capture location and status and increase job throughput with minimal integration and deployment overhead. Achieve load tracking visibility using simple wireless devices. Verify load status from departure to arrival.

Asset Tracking

Locance allows ubiquitous monitoring of connected devices such as IoT and M2M devices anywhere in the world via its Global Site ID (GSID) services. Obtain real-time location for any M2M asset, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) device or IoT device capable of reporting a few simple network parameters.

Mobile Resource Management

Readily detect where resources are located anytime, anywhere. Communicate jobs and assignments. Streamline status reporting by location tagging each event. Audit and ensure workers are arriving and departing from job sites or appointments according to schedule. Eliminate annoying check calls. Get real-time opt-in employee location updates instantly.


Even without GPS

Powered by a database of more than 160 million cell sites and 2 billion access points, find your devices even when GPS signals are blocked or unavailable. Track your valuable assets in Real-Time, in more than 200 Countries. No additional app, training or installation needed.


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